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Assesment of Six Sigma and Production Innovation Engineering Using of QFD
Assesment of Six Sigma and Production Innovation Engineering Using of QFD

نویسندگان این مقاله:
Monireh Safaie نویسنده مسئول
Abaas Daneshvar همکار

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دوره : 1 سال : 1395 فصل : پاییز صفحات : مقاله - 12 موضوع : مدیریت

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Nowadays, all of the organizations are trying to achieve customer satisfaction. recognition of customer needs is the first step of achieve customer satisfaction. There are different methods for recognizing of customer needs such as six sigma. Also, it is important to create competitive advantages in organizations. So, the organizations pay attention to production innovation engineering. Organizations achieve competitive advantages , both of quality and innovation in product. purpose In this paper is prioritize and relate between criteria of six sigma and production innovation engineering. A questionnaire prepared and disturbed in electronic parts industry. Data analyzed by quality function deployment (QFD)and Group AHP. it used of House of Quality in QFD and AHP Expert Choice SoftWare to analyze of data. Results were shows that important ability in Six Sigma is Aims to enhancethe organization's competitivebasis with relative weight (0.259) and in Production Innovation Engineering is Research and Engineering with relative weight (0.22).

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